Behold my blog of blogness

I said behold, dammit! Start beholding already!

Welcome to my little chunk o’internet! Put your feet up, have some wine, make yourself at home. Ignore the construction; I’m still figuring things out, playing with fonts and colors, and trying not to blow up the entire internet. Not yet, anyway.

Thanks to Eileen for being the one to finally nudge me into the world of blogging. (She can be very persuasive with a weed-eater.)

6 Responses to “Behold my blog of blogness”

  1. Eileen Says:

    Ha! ::little dance of happiness::

  2. Richard Says:

    Oh my god – there must be a crack in space-time itself. The blogosphere will never be the same again.

  3. Tom Allen Says:

    Where are the strap-on pics? Can’t have a sex blog without ::ahem:: dominate women wearing strapons.

    Damn newbies…

  4. pureliquidkink Says:

    Tom- the strap-on pics are coming, right after I post random pics of my cock for no apparent reason. But first, I have to change my blog to either a pink background or a black background with hard-to-read text. And then I have to post a long, nonsensical spiel about how women are superior to men and how we should all be their cuckolded sissy maids.

  5. MissBonnie Says:

    YAY roo’s blogging! Great to see (and read for that matter)
    Ohhh what a spoilsport! no random no reason cock pic’s..Damn I guess I’ll be back and you can’t get rid of me.

  6. Quietlisten Says:

    What’s wrong with cuckolded sissy maids? We like to be dominanted, too!

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