in praise of foot fetishes

Lots of people misunderstand foot fetishists. (People also misunderstand the word “fetish”, but that’s a topic for another post.)  They often see foot fetishes as objectifying; they think it’s all about the foot and nothing more, as if some disembodied foot would turn someone on. It’s quite the opposite from my experience. For me, it’s a way of showing reverence, appreciation, gratitude, respect, submission………a way of confirming our chosen “positions”. When I kneel and kiss or lick the feet of a woman I’m involved with, it’s like bowing to kiss the feet of a queen. When I kiss a woman’s feet, I’m not just kissing a foot…………I’m kissing her. It’s not about the foot in and of itself, but rather, the person to whom that foot is attached.  A foot does nothing for me by itself.

With casual play partners, it’s simply done for its erotic energy, without as much of the symbolism. But even then, it’s still not about the foot itself; it’s one part of an interaction with that particular person.

Part of the reason foot play appeals to me is that I’m using one of the most sacred, most guarded parts of my body to pleasure one of the “lowest” parts of her body.  We guard our mouths carefully, and using it to lavish attention on a body part which has such a lowly, dirty connotation is just plain sexy.  (This is also one of the reasons rimming appeals to me.)

Another appealing aspect of foot play is the perspective.  It’s amazing to kneel at a woman’s feet and look up at her.  Most of the dommes I’ve talked with also enjoy the perspective from the top.  It’s an obvious physical manifestation of where we are emotionally at the time.  Even smaller women look very tall and powerful from this perspective.

One more facet of foot play that I find incredibly sexy is sweat.  I know this doesn’t appeal to all foot fetishists though.  I enjoy this part of it for a few reasons.  First off, it adds a more personal element to the scene.  It’s her unique scent that I’m breathing in.  It seems to have a certain bonding effect.  Second, it has an incredible ability to turn me on.  (Body odor in general is a major turn-off; I can’t figure out why foot sweat is different.)  It’s just plain hot.  I’m not sure why.  It just has that effect.  Third, it makes my brain scream “yes” and “no” at the same time.  It’s very sexy and turns me on, but at the same time, I want it to stop.  Sweat doesn’t smell good.  It adds an element of suffering.  I relish the knowledge that she’s enjoying what we’re doing while I’m suffering for her pleasure.  She’s sitting there with a smile while I lick the sweat and the stink from her feet.  It’s disgusting and I want it to stop, but it turns me on at the same time.

That’s one reason I look forward to autumn.  Apart from being my favorite season because of the beauty, the smells, and the weather, it heralds the start of boot weather.  And doing foot worship with someone who has been wearing boots for hours and hours is pure sexiness to the fifth power.

On a side note, I’m gradually becoming accustomed to the phrase “foot worship”.  For the longest time, whenever I heard that phrase, I pictured a bunch of guys in turbans bowing to a giant statue of a foot.  And again, this phrase seems to reaffirm the fallacy that it’s all about the foot rather than the person.  Plus, there’s the religious connotation.  BDSM is not a religious experience for me.  I don’t worship the one I’m with.  But it’s such a common phrase that it’s gradually losing those connotations for me.

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