transporting my weapons of ass destruction

Last month, I bought another cane at a 3-day bdsm event.  It’s rattan, with heat-shrink tubing over the handle.  This is my first non-synthetic cane.  I’m excited, and I can’t wait to try it out.

When I went to put it in my case, I realized that I’m due for a new case.  I use a cue stick case for my impact implements.  But this case is getting smaller and smaller as I accumulate more toys.  So I ordered this one. It’s quite a bit roomier than the one I have now.

I like using a cue stick case since it’s inconspicuous and it saves me from having to sort through the myriad black bags at parties to find mine.  I keep my other toys (bondage gear, dildos, gags, nipple clamps, etc.) in this case, which also stands out from others peoples’ toy bags.  It kind of reminds me of the cases in movies that the bad guy usues to transport the stolen uranium.  Actually, this exact model case was used in a Leslie Nielsen movie, but I forget which movie.  They were on a train, and they kept disguises in it.  And I immediately recognized it as my toy case.  Anyway, these two cases stand out from the generic black bags that everyone else has, so I don’t have trouble looking for my cases at parties.  And I don’t have to worry about people accidentally grabbing mine instead of their own.

You may ask where I keep my floggers, since they obviously wouldn’t fit in a cue case like this along with all my other stuff.  I’m currently floggerless, and I’m not sure I’ll be getting one any time soon.  Some would consider that sacrilege, I know.  Floggers are one of the staples of peoples’ toy collections.  You can’t be an official card-carrying true real bdsmer™ without having at least one flogger.  I just don’t feel a pressing need to get a flogger though. There are plenty of other vicious implements which take up less room.  And depending how they’re used, they can be incredibly intense or mild enough to use for a warm-up.

So what do I keep in my mystical magical cue stick case?  How thoughtful of you to ask!  Let me take a quick inventory-

-a tawse
-a leather slapper
-a 21"-long wooden spoon with a 1/2"-thick handle.  wicked.
-a clear lexan paddle
-two synthetic canes, one medium thickness and bendy/whippy, the other very thin and stiffer
-my new rattan cane
-a crop
-a rather thin metal cane which is bent into a heart at the business end.  verrrry stingy.
-a short (18-20") flexible whip made of braided 550 cord

So I’ve currently got ten things in my impact case.  It’s kind of crowded.  I have to fit them in there a certain way in order to close the case.  (See, playing Tetris when I was younger paid off!)  I’ve got another crop which I won a while back as well as a smaller wooden spoon which won’t fit in the case.  Once my new case comes in, I should be able to carry all this with a little wiggle room.

3 Responses to “transporting my weapons of ass destruction”

  1. Myles Says:

    makes a note to thief the case the minute I get a chance

  2. pureliquidkink Says:

    If you do, you’ll be taken off-guard by my anti-theft device. I have an army of trained chickens who do my bidding. They’ll carry you away and dip you in grape jelly.

  3. Myles Says:

    you’re only saying that because you want to lick grape jelly off my skin. besides, I’m a chicken subverter.

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