another reason I don’t watch reality shows

You may have seen the previews or heard people talking online about a new reality show called “when women rule the world”. The basic premise is that the women have absolute rule on this island.

Predictably,  parts of the femdom crowd online are glorifying this show as a model of the way things should be.  “Women in total control!  Gynarchy is the natural order of things!  A utopia!”  Um………yeah.  About that.  It’s a total train wreck.  The women abuse their power and fight among themselves.  So how exactly is a bunch of women sitting on their asses and barking orders at men a utopia?  That’s called laziness.  Unfortunately, some people don’t realize that there’s a difference between dominance and laziness.  Doing manual labor for some whiny, greedy assbag is not what femdom is about.

Yet people online continue to insist that this is what femdom is in reality- chores, no fulfillment, nothing erotic, nothing enjoyable, just bland housework and pointless protocol.  But the fact that the “it’s all about service” crowd are taking the sexy out of femdom is a rant for another day.

While I’m not a big fan of reality shows in general, I know that abuse of power is a common theme in this genre.  It creates drama, and drama leads to ratings.

What baffles me is the silence from the usually vocal feminists.  (I consider myself more egalitarian than feminist; I’m for equality, not advancement of one gender.)  If this were the other way around, with men taking advantage of women, they’d be protesting and boycotting because of the sexist premise.  But when the premise is the same, only with the genders reversed, it’s no longer sexist?  So much for any semblance of fighting for equality. Can you say “hypocrisy”, kids?  Very good!

Another reason I don’t understand their silence is because of the implied message the producers of this show are putting out there.  “When women rule the world”, things fall apart and get ugly.  There is abuse of power and people treating each other horribly.  I’m not sure if this implication is intended or not, but it’s there.  It’s a way of saying that many women are incompetent in positions of authority.  In spite of what they’re saying about women as leaders, I’m still hearing nothing but crickets from the self-proclaimed feminists.

This show is drenched in double standards and sexism (against women as well as men) so it’s no surprise that I’ll be skipping it.

I have to wonder though- If they’d used other division lines, like race or religion, would the show have worked?  I doubt it.  Just too taboo.  It’d escalate to violence, and the producers would be accused of inciting hatred.  But somehow it’s okay to do this with gender?  Why are men the only group that it’s safe to use as punching bags?

2 Responses to “another reason I don’t watch reality shows”

  1. Myles Says:

    but men are so much fun to use as punching bags!!!! oh, wait, you mean the other kind. I’m with you on this rant. this kind of crap just really irritates me so I tend to block it out. you do raise some excellent points though.

    I guess I see it for what it is… a sensationalist way to get ratings.

  2. pureliquidkink Says:

    Exactly. Exploiting people, completely misrepresenting femdom, and creating drama, all in the name of money.

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