the pitfalls of one-handed typing

Countless people online write outlandish fantasies and try to pass them off as reality.  Usually they make me laugh, not only because of the first-grade grammar and spelling, but mainly because they actually expect people to believe them.  Usually what they post reads something like this:

my wife enslaved me locked my cock up permanintly in chastty tube and welded the lock shut i havent cum in 5 years and now i do all the houswork and i signed a contract to give her all my money and possessissions and she gives me chores and she goes out oon dates with her lovers and she comes home and i eat their slimy cum out of her pussy and she brings home her friends who are all cheerleeders and they dress me up in lingeries and sisy maid uinform and they all laugh at me and there boyfriends are their too and they laugh at me and i serve them drinks and they make me suk there big cocks and eat all the cum and cum on myu face and they videotappe it and put it online and then old ladies watch it online and laugh at me while I sukc theyre boyfriends cocks wearing maid otufit and there bofriends laugh because my cock is small and i cant cum because my wife locked my cock up permanently and i havent cum in 11 years and i sleep in a little cage in the basement evry night and she goes out with big black studs with big cocks and she make me her toilet i have to drink all her pis she saves it all in a bucket and she saves all her friends piss too and make me drink it all every day and i have too eat her shit she make me swalow it all its my place as a inferior male and she takes me to the secret femdom society where all woman are domes and all men are slavs and worhsip the superioior woman there and she doesnt let me cum i havnt cum in 14 years

What I don’t understand is why they feel compelled to try to convince others that this is reality.  Why not just call it fiction and leave it at that?

Another puzzler is the fact that these same people are usually the same ones who give extreme advice to real people who have real problems.  Usually they say something about the advice-seeker not being submissive enough, that they should do all the housework and never disagree, and that they should be in a state of permanent chastity.  Yeah, brilliant thinking there, suppository-breath.  I’m sure that advice will really help.

Do they actually expect people to believe this?  What would compel someone to post such obvious fiction while trying to frame it up as reality?  If you want to write femdom fiction, go for it.  But don’t try to insult our intelligence by telling us it’s all real.  And how about using spell-check?  Maybe take an introductory grammar course too.  But of course, you’ll have to wait until you’re done having your flesh whipped to shreds by the Secret Femdom Society™.

2 Responses to “the pitfalls of one-handed typing”

  1. Mykey Says:

    Yup – yes yes yes. Well said!


  2. Elle Says:

    You tell them, Yoda!


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