sexy slime slurping

My last relationship was the first in which I was made to eat my cum.  Not every time, since that would be too predictable, but probably about half the time.  It was enough to really make me wonder as I approached the edge of orgasm; was she going to make me lick up all of the slimy mess, or just hand me a couple paper towels?  I’d much prefer to just wipe it off, but sometimes I wasn’t given that option.

Being made to eat my cum isn’t something I ever thought I’d find erotic.  It’s actually pretty disgusting.  But that’s part of the appeal.  Being forced to do something disgusting can have an erotic quality to it.  It doesn’t taste all that great (though the taste can vary with diet) and the texture is just plain slimy.  Eew.  Feeling it slither down my throat sometimes makes me shudder a little.  Yet when I’m made to eat it, there’s a certain arousing quality, in spite of the yuck factor.  This is one of those things that has a contradictory yes/no quality to it; it turns me on, but at the same time, I really want it to stop.

What heightens this even more is that most guys experience a “drop” after cumming.  This doesn’t happen with tantric/nonejaculatory orgasms though.  This drop makes it much harder to lick it up. Approaching orgasm, I think, “If she makes me lick it up, that’ll be pretty hot.”  But after actually having the orgasm, it’s more of a, “Please, no, don’t make me do this, it’s gross.”

This displeasurable aspect heightens the sense of d/s between us as well.  It’s not something I want to do, but she’s making me do it anyway.  I feel smaller in a way, like she’s twenty feet tall.  I feel powerless and at her mercy.

As always, variety adds another dimension to this type of play.  There are so many ways to incorporate cum-eating into the scene- licking it straight out of her hand, sucking it off of her strap-on, licking it off her soles, cumming on her sock which is then used as a gag, slurping it off of her asshole, cumming in a glass of her piss before being made to drink it………the possibilities are endless.

Do you have any favorite methods that I didn’t mention here?  Or thoughts on cum-eating?  Let’s hear them!

3 Responses to “sexy slime slurping”

  1. Elle Says:

    This does give me an idea… I’ve been dabbling with orgasm denial, telling my boy he is not to cum unless given permission. Last week, I gave him persission to do it in a specific timeframe only. This week (or next) I could tell him he can do it, but must eat his cum after. Hmmmm… Thanks! 😀

  2. pureliquidkink Says:

    You’re very welcome!

    Most guys have trouble doing it on their own though; you may have to be there to, er, persuade him by whatever means necessary.

  3. Elle Says:

    Ah but that’s part of the experiment, see if he does it even if I’m not there 😛

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