storing stingy stuff

Wheeee I finished my cue case!  I ordered a cue case for my impact implements a while back, but I had to modify the interior a bit.  It came with thick foam glued to the interior, molded in the shape of cue sticks.  So I pulled the big brick foam out, added a thin layer of foam batting, and put some soft red material in using a spray adhesive.

The pic doesn’t do the material justice.  It’s very soft and velvety-looking.  The black piece across the middle of the top section is basically a strap to hold things in when you open the case.  I had to put in two little “pillows” on the bottom portion due to the design of the case.  It’s so much roomier now than when the foam was in there, but it’s hard to tell in the pic.

This project was a pain, but it was worth it.  This case is deeper than my last one; when the lid is closed, it’s as deep as it is wide.  Now I can hold everything.  In style.  I like this much better than the generic black bags most other people seem to use.

I was originally planning on using speaker carpeting (and no batting) since it would’ve been much easier than fabric.  But the speaker carpeting I have is black, and that would’ve made it hard to see what’s in the case.  And it wouldn’t have looked as nifty, dandy, and/or splendid as this looks.

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