You sank my battleship! You asshole!

In my last post, I explained why chastity devices get me hot.  But there’s a problem.  Well, a series of problems really.

Some of the devices just aren’t that sturdy.  Others are hard to keep clean.  Still others are horribly expensive, and if they don’t fit properly, you can’t get a refund.

I’ve been thinking about getting something along these lines-

They both seen pretty secure.  The 2(d)ni (the pic on the left) also has a bar to hook a PA to, which is a bonus for me.  It looks like it’d be easy to maintain hygiene with, too.

I also looked at a cage from Steelwerks-

Again, the PA attachment is a plus.  But I’ve got a few problems with this design.  First off, it looks like it pivots (judging by the pics) and would allow access to the underside of the cock.  (I could be wrong, but it’s hard to tell from the pics.)  When I have access to that spot underneath at the base, I can bring myself off.  The S-screw also looks like it could be opened with a pair of awls and a little fidgeting.  Even if it can’t be, if the locking system is totally tamper-proof, what happens if the relationship ends?  You can’t just snip a lock off and move on.  And they charge $100 for the special key, which looks like something any entry-level machinist could bang out in five minutes.  Plus, this device is close to $1000.

There are some issues with all three of these, as well as with most other devices out there.  With some devices, I can get off while wearing it.  Kind of defeats the purpose.  I can orgasm while flaccid, so the design is important in preventing this.  Another problem is sizing.  Most cock cages are offered in different sizes, but how can you be sure you have the right size?  Do you measure while hard or flaccid?  How can you be sure you have an accurate measurement?  How much wiggle room should you leave?  A few companies offer an in-person sizing session as part of the purchase; they measure and get the proper device for that person, like a tailor.  I like that.  It pretty much guarantees a good fit.

Maybe a way around this problem would be to offer a sizing kit for sale.  It would just be some cheap plastic tubes and rings to decide which of the sizes works best for that person.  The price of the kit would be refunded with the purchase of any device.  That way, the company wouldn’t lose money, and customers wouldn’t have to pay extra just to get the right fit.

As much as t&d interests me, these basic problems keep popping up, preventing the experience from being as intense as it could be.  The simple fact is that cocks are different.  Size, shape, proportion, how much they grow, etc.  So there is no one-size-fits-all solution.  But there’s also no way to know for sure if a certain device will work without actually taking an expensive risk and buying the device.  There’s no way to take one for a test drive.  Because of that, I think the companies that make chastity devices lose out on some business.

5 Responses to “You sank my battleship! You asshole!”

  1. Citizen Kinkster Says:

    Here, Here!
    I had a bad experience with a CB3000 which put me off on these things forever.

  2. Elle Says:

    I just LOVE the looks of the steelwerks cage. I kinda have a fetish for it, really, but you’re right, it’s pricey. Which is why I haven’t gotten around to buying it yet. I just can’t bring myself to make Boy Toy pay for it, and I can’t afford it myself. Not now, at any rate.

    I don’t like the cage-look tickleberry device. Well, I don’t like how it looks. The first one’s allright.

    But I imagine function is more important than looks 😉 For sizing, perhaps you could refer to other devices you’ve already worn, if you have worn any?

    I also think you should measure while flaccid. I mean, isn’t the whole point of this to prevent getting off? Flaccid. 😛

    There’s a bit of extra info about Steelwerks in an article on The-F-Mag.

    You probably know that you can custom design your device with Steelwerks, but those are more expensive than the ready-to-wear Chastity Cage. I think you should email your concerns to the people that work there, I’m sure they know lots about their products 😉

  3. pureliquidkink Says:

    Citizen Kinkster- The cb series is hit-or-miss for a lot of people. Personally, the curve works fairly well for me. Definitely room for improvement though.

    Elle- I’m not a big fan of the cage design myself from an aesthetic standpoint, but it does seem functional and hygienic.

    I like your idea about going off the measurements of other devices, and I’ve tried a few different kinds. That makes sense.

    I did consider e-mailing them, but I think it’d be a waste of everybody’s time. There’s no way they can guarantee that I won’t be able to orgasm in any given device, even a custom one.

    Plus, I’m not sure a metal device would work for me in the long run, due to some job issues. I’m getting into a field involving powerful magnetic fields. Faraday’s law of induction may cause a problem. (How often do you hear that phrase on a bdsm blog?) Basically, large magnetic fields can induce a current in metal rings. And a chastity tube is sort of like a bunch of rings. Current turns to heat. A very hot chastity device would not be a good thing. Nor would burns on my willy. So I’ll need to find out some more info on this before I decide. This isn’t exactly the type of thing I can ask people in the field or in school.

    Oh- on that article you linked to, I read this- “Plus, Steelwerks keeps a confidential list of clients who CANNOT have a key unless they have written permission from their key-holder.” Mmmm that’s just plain sexy.

  4. Elle Says:

    Yah, I noticed the same thing from that article… I think Boy Toy assumed he could order himself a key, you know 😉

    Hmmm ok stay away from metal then. Too bad, steel is hot. But all three models you show are metal, so what are the other options?

  5. pureliquidkink Says:

    That’s what I’m wondering. I’m not sure at this point if a metal device will really heat up as much as I’m thinking. I’m still learning, and there are a lot of variables. The metal devices are really sexy though. So solid and inescapable. Plus, regular stainless (and titanium) isn’t attracted to magnets. Surgical stainless is, though. I’ll just have to keep learning as much as I can and go from there.

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