Pharmaceutical Companies are Bumwads

Why do we still not have birth control options for men?  As far as non-surgical options go, women have the patch, contraceptive foam, contraceptive film, the sponge, the pill, injections, contraceptive implants, pills that let them have four periods a year, female condoms, an IUD, cervical cap, the ring, diaphragms, etc.  Men have………condoms.  Women have all the high-tech options, while we have to slap a piece of latex over our hardware.  Not only that, but our only option has a failure rate between five and 40 percent, depending which studies you look at.  That rate is even higher for people with piercings.  Would you jump out of a plane if your parachute had a failure rate like that?

To be fair, not all women can use all the options above.  Then again, not all men can use condoms.  They desensitize, which can lead to loss of the erection.  Having multiple options is important.

Why are the pharmaceutical companies so reluctant to research this?  The market is there.  There’s potential for lots of profit.  And they obviously have no moral qualms about contraception since they already manufacture them for women.  Some research companies have looked into male birth control, but recently stopped, even though the clinical trials were going well.

If you e-mail the drug companies about this, you usually get back a form letter which completely sidesteps the question.  “Thank you for your concern.  Keep buying our ridiculously expensive products.”

Women should not have all the responsibility (or all the power) when it comes to birth control.  Why should it always be the woman who has to remember to take a pill, or keep going back for (and paying for) injections?  And how many women wanted babies and played the “oh, sure, I took my pill” routine?  That’s deliberate deception which ruins peoples’ lives.  And they get away with it.  A male pill (or other option for men) would put a stop to that.  Of course, men could do the same if there were a male pill.  That’s why we need individual responsibility and control of our own reproductive assets.  If both people are using birth control, the chances of failure are minimal, as are the chances of deception.

All we can do is make our voices heard.  But it seems that still may not be enough.

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