Aural Sex

One of the things I enjoy about bdsm is that it engages all the senses.  Touch is one of the first to come to mind.  And I’m a visual person, so I enjoy seeing the one I’m playing with.  Taste can also come into play.  Doing foot play with someone who’s been wearing boots or shoes for hours and hours can bring smell into it.

But what about hearing?

There are gobs of sexy sounds out there.  One of my favorites is a woman’s laughter.  Hearing the woman’s laughter while she’s causing me pain or humiliation makes me all wobbly.  Same for laughing during erotically disgusting play, like making me lick up my cum or drink her piss.  Laughter reinforces the power exchange, heightens the sense of control, and brings to the forefront the fact that she’s thoroughly enjoying making me suffer.  Little chuckles are good, but genuine, hearty laughter is the best flavor.

Then there’s the sound of heels clicking on a hard floor.  No matter where I am, that sound will make me turn my head.  It exudes authority and sexiness. Hearing heels behind me during a scene helps build a sense of anticipation.  Even if she’s just walking over to get another toy, my senses are still being stimulated by hearing this stirring click-click-click.

The whoosh of a cane cutting through the air gets to me as well.  It’s a sound that can make me tense up at times, even when I’m not playing.  To me, this sound is synonymous with intense, stingy pain.  Combine that with laughter and it’s a brilliant lump of sexitude.

The crack of a singletail gets everybody’s attention.  Singletails are so elegant, but they’re still effective pain tools.  It’s a widely recognized sound, and to people who have experience with them, this sound seems to carry more weight.

For those into teasing and denial, the click of a padlock can be incredibly hot.  Such a small padlock and a quiet sound, yet it’s still an extremely powerful thing to hear.  How can such a simple, quick sound make me so incredibly turned on?  That little snap of the lock can be enough to make me squirm.

I find it appealing that bdsm can light up so many different senses.  Hearing is one of the last ones people think of when it comes to bdsm, but it’s definitely there to be played with.

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