Wicked Weekend

We got back from Winter Wickedness yesterday.  It was an awesome time.  About 20 people from the local scene went, and we shared a lot of laughs. Especially on the drive home, when we were all giddy from fun and lack of sleep.

I was in two awesomely hot scenes, both with awesomely hot local women, as well as some sexilicious fun with someone I’d just met.  There were a few other women I didn’t know who I wanted to approach about playing, but a couple of them just disappeared, one turned out to be a sub, and another I just wussed out on.  Still, I had an amazing time.

I had hoped Passional would be vending there, since I really want this shirt.  But they weren’t there.  I may order online, but I strongly prefer to try things on before buying.  Especially expensive things.

There were a few protestors outside.  Literally.  There were three.  All the windows were masked off, so we had no worries.  They couldn’t come on the property without the cops being called, and security was tight.  The hotel staff really went above and beyond.  The event even made the local news, and I’m assuming the protestors were the ones who tipped off the news stations.  But the protestors accomplished the opposite of what they were trying for- they didn’t shut us down, and they gave the event free advertising.  They may have even given a few people the realization that they aren’t alone in their kinky desires, that there are groups of us out there, being kinky and having awesomely hot times.

I’d definitely recommend checking this event out if you’re in the area.

3 Responses to “Wicked Weekend”

  1. Elle Says:

    Sounds like lotsa fun 😀

  2. pureliquidkink Says:

    Definitely. I think we need to get a big box so we can mail you and BT to the next one.

  3. Elle Says:

    Me and BT in a box? That sounds like lotsa fun too 😉

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