Partially Planned Pee Play

I realize that posting about scenes can help bring in more readers.  The problem is that, being single, I play with friends, and I don’t want to keep asking them for permission to post about our scenes.  I think that might make them less likely to want to play in the future.

One person has given me carte blanche to post about whatever we do.  She rocks muchly.  We’ll call her A.

What follows is a legendary tale from long long ago, in a galaxy far far away.

A and I had been talking about doing some watersports for months.  She had no experience with this and had trouble working up the nerve to try it, even though she really wanted to.  I’d done WS in a previous relationship, but it’s been about two years since then.

At a party, I was standing near the doorway of a room with 3 or 4 friends, having a conversation.  There were others scattered throughout the room and in the next rooms as well, just talking.  (The playing was going on in other areas of the house.)  A came in and stood across from me in this little circle of people and handed me her cup, which was almost empty.  She said something, but I only heard the last word, “drink”.  So I asked what kind she wanted.  She shook her head a little and said more firmly, “Drink.”  There was about two inches of liquid in the bottom of the cup, and that’s when I realized it was warm.  And golden.  My stomach sank.  No one noticed this little exchange; they just kept going with their conversation.  I pulled the cup up to my mouth and smelled……sure enough, it was her piss.  I took some into my mouth and noticed that she was staring at me rather intensely, with a slight smirk.  When I swallowed, I tried not to show my disgust, since we were standing in a circle with others.  As I swallowed, she let out an amazingly cruel laugh while watching me.  Yowza that was hot!  I took another drink.  Then she moved over near me and took the cup from my hand before walking away.  Thinking that she was going to dump it out (even though I’d only finished half) I breathed a sigh of relief, since it was over.
About 10-20 seconds after, she came back and handed me the cup again, with her piss still remaining in it.  My stomach sank all over again when she handed it back to me.  Turns out she wanted me to think it was over, and did that just to mess with my head.  (and it worked rather well 🙂 )  Two more drinks and it was gone.  By this point, I was quite hard, and stayed that way for about ten minutes.  So disgusting, yet so hot.  The whole experience caught me totally off guard, since I assumed our first time doing WS would be in private, not in the presence of others.  They had no idea this happened at all, even though we did it right in front of them.

I knelt and kissed her feet later as I thanked her…………never thought I’d thank anyone for making me drink their piss.

For me, WS is like many other things in bdsm in that it carries a dual nature.  I love it and I hate it.  It turns me on, yet I want it to stop.  My brain was thinking “eww yick blech” but my cock contradicted that by staying hard.  We’ve only done piss play one time since then (about two years ago) but she recently hinted at doing it again sometime.  That feeling of something hanging over my head is über sexy.

5 Responses to “Partially Planned Pee Play”

  1. Elle Says:

    That’s interesting, thanks for sharing. I wonder at the duality of it, how something that disgusts you can make you hard. I thought maybe the disgusting aspect of it would be sorta distracting and prevent erection? I’m not a guy, I’m not sure how these things work 😛

  2. pureliquidkink Says:

    I’m really not sure how that works myself. Not everything that disgusts me turns me on. Pain is the same way; not all pain turns me on. There’s erotic pain and non-erotic pain. Even though erotic pain turns me on, it’s still pain, and I want it to stop. There’s also erotic disgusting and non-erotic disgusting. But what makes something fall into one category or the other, erotic vs. not? I have no clue. I’ve been trying to figure that out for a while.

  3. Elle Says:

    Maybe it’s who’s doing it to you and how they react to your doing it?

  4. pureliquidkink Says:

    That’s probably a part of it. If I’m doing this (or anything else) with someone who I know isn’t really into it, it loses its appeal. But even then, even if it’s someone I’m totally smitten with, there are still some things I don’t find erotic. So there’s some other element at play here that I can’t quite nail down.

  5. Elle Says:

    For sure.

    Just like Boy Toy simply won’t dress into girly clothes, it’s just not appealing or erotic to him. I just find the idea amusing and bring it up from time to time, just to see the look on his face 😀

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