Pervy Public Piss Play

One thing I’ve been wanting to try for a while is public piss play. Obviously, most types of piss play wouldn’t work well, since the ‘nillafolk would be freaked out. So the solution is to do it right in front of them without them knowing.

For example, a domme could take a glass (or other container) into the restroom and fill it with something warmer. When she brings it back out for the sub to drink, not only is the erotically disgusting element there, there’s also a hint of humiliation. Does anyone suspect what’s really in the glass? Was that slight smile from the woman across the room just now a coincidence, or does she know? Did the waitress smell his piss-breath? The imagination can be a powerful tool. And secrets are sexy.

I’ve experienced something like this before, and it was beyond hot. It was at a play party, so the risk of being found out wasn’t as big a deal, but this was still one of the most erotic experiences I’ve ever had. That says a lot considering all the kinkypervydirty things I’ve done.

This type of play is definitely doable, and I think it’d be fun to explore more.

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