Laughing at Female Supremacists

It always makes me laugh when people feel the need to turn bdsm into some inane sociopolitical movement. It happens both in the femdom and maledom crowds; each thinks they have “evidence” for why this is supposedly the natural order of things. They come up with all sorts of weakly contrived reasons as to why their particular group of choice is superior to others. Hitler used the same approach.

The female supremacists seem to be on a Quixotic quest to spread their vision to the world. They fail to realize that these are their personal interests, not a grand social reform agenda. While it’s natural to want to tell others about the things we love, it’s childish to think that everyone else should feel the same way.

“If women ruled the world…” is their battle cry. They pitch all sorts of utopian scenarios, all the while typing with one hand. If you want to know what kind of job women would do in positions of power, look around. They’re screwing things up just as much as the male politicians. Stupidity and greed know no gender.

What makes me laugh even harder is the fact that the majority of female supremacists have very little, if any, actual experience with real-time bdsm. Obviously there are exceptions, but I’ve found this to be mostly true. The majority of people in the scene (in person, not online) don’t hold anything even vaguely resembling these beliefs. I think that if most female supremacists had a chance to experience what they’re pushing for, they wouldn’t last a day. In fact, upon meeting a real-life dominant woman, most would wet themselves and run.

If you want to believe that boys have cooties, go right ahead. Having your own beliefs isn’t completely illegal yet. Just know that sexism is no different than racism.

One Response to “Laughing at Female Supremacists”

  1. Tom Allen Says:

    They also fail to realize that when in positions of power, women have proved to be just as cruel and ruthless as men.

    Although, Camille Paglia once wrote that if women ruled the world, we’d still be living in grass huts.

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