Hit Counter

There’s something I don’t understand about peoples’ scenes.

Sometimes the dom will have the sub count the number of strokes during impact play. I have yet to find any reason behind this, even though it’s a fairly common practice.

Why are you so obsessed with knowing the number of times you’re hitting someone? Does that number really matter? Is is OCD? And are you so lazy you can’t keep a silent count in your head if you really want to know the number?

4 Responses to “Hit Counter”

  1. mARC Says:

    In my eyes, counting forces the bottom to focus. She (or he) can’t just immerse into subspace and float, but needs to stay in touch with the top. This makes it more punishment than play. because at playtime the top would want the sub to go as deep as possible into subspace.

  2. Sadiste Says:

    You can often monitor how deep into subspace they are by how long it takes them after the blow to respond. (And sometimes it’s fun to see their distress when they inevitably lose count and you get to punish them for it. Haha!)

  3. Mistress160 Says:

    I totally agree with Sadiste on this one. Sol goes under fast sometimes and once he’s there it’s hard to get him to communicate. The counting and thank you (for each stroke) ritual presses his buttons, he likes to do it. And I’ve learned to use it as a way of monitoring how far he’s flying.

  4. westfal Says:

    ….i sometimes joke ‘what did You lose Your calculator Mistress??…’ …….

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