The Firm, Inescapable Grip

I just got a leather shirt I ordered a little while back. I had to wait since it was backordered. No problem there, no hurry.

When I opened the package up, the shirt looked better than I expected. So I tried it on. Beautiful. It had lacing on the sides and on the outside of the sleeves, so there’s a little leeway in the fit too. And it looked amazing. Good fit, a bit snug. After checking it out in the mirror, I went to take it off.

Now we’ve got a problem.

It didn’t want to come off. At all. I loosened all the lacing as far as it goes. Still having trouble. Now I was getting panicky. I wasn’t planning on getting into any bondage that day. I kept tugging and squirming, trying all sorts of ways to get out of this shirt’s firm deathgrip.

After about five minutes, I finally got it off. I never thought getting undressed would be such an ordeal. And I couldn’t imagine going through all that at a public event or dungeon- it’s just not that graceful-looking. So I sent it back for the next size up. Originally, I ordered (and got) a medium, which is what I normally wear. But apparently these run a little small. On the plus side, I finally escaped from the solid grasp of the shirt that tried to kill me.

This is why I avoid buying clothes online. Yarr.

4 Responses to “The Firm, Inescapable Grip”

  1. Lady Julia Says:

    It may have a death grip, but that is one hot looking shirt. I really like it!

  2. pureliquidkink Says:

    Thanks! It looks even better on an actual person. I’ll probably get some pics up on fetlife once it comes in.

  3. frenchies Says:

    Oh my goodness this was a very funny, I hope its replacement is less threatening to your life.


  4. Mistress160 Says:

    Now you’ll have true sympathy next time you see kinksters in corsets LOL.

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