I find it odd that in a community of nonconformists, there are so many assumptions commonly held.

For example, if you’re involved in the public scene, you’re generally assumed to be a democrat, non-Christian, and if you’re female, bisexual.

On top of that, people make assumptions about individual style of d/s. You’re submissive, so you must think this way, act this way, and carry yourself this way. After breaking away from the standard way of doing things and embracing this side of ourselves, why do people feel the need to constrain us with further unnecessary rules and restrictions?

Frustration (and Not the Good Kind)

I’ve recently been out with two women, and they both gave me mixed signals. I still have a hard time differentiating when someone is playing hard-to-get from when she’s genuinely not interested in anything more than friendship.

To complicate things, they’re both from the local bdsm scene, so there’s the potential to make things awkward every time we run into each other. Otherwise, I’d probably just take a chance and go in for a kiss. But being uncertain of their interest levels, if I guess wrong, it’s not like we just move on and never bump into each other again.