Online, lots of guys talk about how they need to be put in chastity because they can’t control themselves. They see themselves as too weak to maintain control of their masturbatory habits. So, of course, a cock cage is the solution.

How does this make any sense at all?

If you have no self-control, that’s a problem. If your wanking is getting to the point where it interferes with your life, you need more help than just a chastity device. If you’re genuinely addicted (to anything) then get help. It’s out there.

Besides, one of the hot parts of bdsm is giving control to someone else. If you don’t have that control in the first place, how can you give it to the other person? What kind of domme would want to be with someone who’s too weak to control his own life, someone who doesn’t have his affairs in order?

If you’re talking with other bdsmers, and you’re into t&d, just be honest about it. There’s no need to make up some story or absurd reason why you “need” to be locked up. If you’re into it, that’s reason enough. If this type of play does something for you, do it.

2 Responses to “Self-Control”

  1. Sadiste Says:

    Damn skippy. It’s irritating that BDSM is used as a beard for people with problems that they just don’t want to deal with.

  2. aphrael Says:

    You know, I hear that, and …

    i’m a compulsive masturbator. if i’m horny and my husband is asleep or not interested or simply distracted, i’ll masturnbate.

    one of the things i love about being into chastity is that when i’m locked up, i can’t do that, meaning i have to initiate sex with him to get any sort of sexual buzz at all … which makes him really happy.

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