Smooth Operator

Some people compare those who shave their pussies (or cocks) to pedophiles. They say it’s an effort to look like a kid, and to sexualize that. Here’s what I don’t get-

Every time you see an adult with a shaved crotch, *you* think of little kids’ private parts. How exactly does that make *me* a pedophile? I’m perfectly capable of looking at a naked adult and seeing a naked adult. If you’re not able to do that, then it seems you’re the one with the problem.

People shave lots of other body parts- legs, face, head, armpits, etc. So why don’t you think of kids when you see that? Why do you only think of kids when there are genitals involved? Who’s the pedophile here?

2 Responses to “Smooth Operator”

  1. Elle Says:

    Pfff! Load of crap if you ask me! They’re allowed not to like the looks of it, they are allowed to think it looks juvenile. It’s their opinion. But how can they judge what’s going on in the other person’s head? Who are they do say why others shave down there?

    I shave my pussy, therefore I’m a pedophile? I’ve rarely heard anything so dumb. I admit when I first did it, years ago, I looked down at my crotch and thought of how it looked like a kid’s crotch. It’s true, I did think that. But not for long. I quickly grew used to it and see it as normal, now. I’m definitely not sexually attracted to kids, I assure you. 😉

  2. Fantasia Lillith Says:

    OMG I loved this little rant! My ex (ummm yes EX) had that. I shaved because I like the way it feels and looks and he got all “ok this is creepign me out, looks like a kid”. WTF right? it’s what i thought ….

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