Internet Morons, Volume XXVII

Why do so many people online insist that submission is about giving “without thought to one’s own desires” or something to that effect? Think about it, Sparky- If you weren’t getting your own desires fulfilled, do you really think you’d stay in that relationship? If it has nothing to do with what you want, why do you actively seek this type of relationship? You’re going after what you enjoy, so you’re pursuing your desires. You’re getting something out of it. If you truly got nothing from it, you wouldn’t do it. Quit trying to martyr yourself. Your actions are not selfless; they’re mutually satisfying. Bragging about how selfless you think you are only makes you look like a jackass.

Newton was a Kinky Bastard

We’re all familiar with Newton’s third law: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. This applies to bdsm too.

One of the biggest things that appeals to many dommes about inflicting various torments is the sub’s reaction. The flip side of that is true too- For myself and many of the others I know, one of the biggest thrills is the reactions of the domme/top/etc. A woman’s laughter during a scene is one of the most erotic sounds out there. Seeing that sadistic smile while experiencing torment at the hands of this smiling woman is pure gold. This is one reason I don’t go for the stereotypical Mistress IcyBitch. Seeing and hearing how she’s enjoying tormenting me contributes so much to the experience.

The domme’s reactions are typically, well, equal and opposite mine. I wince, she smiles. I strain and struggle against the bonds, she purrs. I tense up and let out a muffled groan into the gag, she laughs.

I wonder how my physics professors would feel about my perversion of Newton’s laws. Maybe I should’ve used this post in one of my essay questions.

Squishing the Juevos

Someone in the local scene is making some prototypes of these ball-squishers you may have seen. Most places sell them for about $50, but with any luck, I’ll be able to snag one for free. He’s asking me to try them out and provide feedback. The main difference at this point is that the ones he’s making are clear on both sides, so it’s easy to see the little pancakes being made from any angle. I’ll be sure to post when the prototypes are complete.