Internet Morons, Volume XXVII

Why do so many people online insist that submission is about giving “without thought to one’s own desires” or something to that effect? Think about it, Sparky- If you weren’t getting your own desires fulfilled, do you really think you’d stay in that relationship? If it has nothing to do with what you want, why do you actively seek this type of relationship? You’re going after what you enjoy, so you’re pursuing your desires. You’re getting something out of it. If you truly got nothing from it, you wouldn’t do it. Quit trying to martyr yourself. Your actions are not selfless; they’re mutually satisfying. Bragging about how selfless you think you are only makes you look like a jackass.

One Response to “Internet Morons, Volume XXVII”

  1. Fantasia Lillith Says:

    Oh … I laughed …. good one!

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