Teaching Them to Torment Testicles

Did I mention I have an alliteration fetish?

In February I’ll be co-teaching a class/demo on cbt. It’ll be in the Pittsburgh scene, so most of the attendees will be people I know. This will be a two-part demo, with the first half being on cbt and the second on female genitorture. I won’t be involved with the second half, so my part will be about 45-60 minutes. Most likely it’ll involve about 20-40 minutes of talking about various forms of cbt, followed by a demonstration. These demos usually bring in about 30-60 people.

Remember that cliché nightmare about being naked in front of a classroom full of people?

It’s hard to believe that 5-6 years ago, when I was first starting out in the public bdsm scene, I was so shy. I wasn’t able to play in public and I had a very hard time even talking about my interests with people in the community. Now here I am about to get nekkid and talk in detail about one of my interests. While I’m not insecure about my body, I’m just not real comfortable being the center of attention. Public speaking has always been hard for me. But the fact that these will mostly be friends and people who’ve seen me play before should make it easier.

One Response to “Teaching Them to Torment Testicles”

  1. Elle Says:

    Sounds like an interesting class! Can’t wait to read how it went 😉

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