Of Course

Almost immediately after locking me up for what is going to be an extremely long time, G and I both got sick. She got it worse than I did. So we’ve both been out of it for the past week. What a way to start things off. Germs are bastards.

On the plus side, we have had a few moments where we’ve felt better and spent a little time together at bdsm events. We’re both feeling a renewed sense of d/s; I’m not sure where that will take us, but we’re both happy about that.

Happily, the cock cage isn’t getting in the way for some new exercises I’ve been incorporating into my routine. Not new really, but new to me. I always shied away from doing squats and deadlifts; I’m in the medical field, and I’ve dealt with quite a few people who had lumbar injuries from these two exercises. It’s easy to get hurt doing these if you don’t have good form. So I’m starting slow, just using lower weight for now, and trying to build some muscle memory.

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