Random Nuggets O’ Life

The zombie death plague has passed. We both still have some residual coughing and congestion, but it’s minor.

Last night, there was a party at the dungeon. G and I got there early to set up, and a few other friends arrived within an hour. Aside from setting up, we got there early with the intention of suspending me via duct tape to the wall. How many people can say they’ve been held up on a wall using only duct tape?

They wrapped my arms and legs individually with plastic wrap, then did the same to my body. Only my hands, feet, neck, head, and cock/balls remained unwrapped. Then I stood up on a bench with my back to the wall, and the taping commenced. It took three rolls of industrial-grade duct tape, and we were wondering whether it would hold once the bench was removed or if I’d peel off the wall and fall on my face. I weigh 150-155, so I’m not a huge guy.

They got some pictures, and G put a piece of tape over my mouth. After that, they removed the bench while a couple others stood there to catch me in case I did come unstuck.

The tape held! More pictures. It was slightly uncomfortable at first, but once things got settled a little more, it was actually fairly comfortable. I stayed up on the wall for about ten minutes before my hands started to go a bit numb and cold, so they put the bench back beneath me and took me down. It was a lot of fun. My friends are awesome.

Later in the night, G came to me with a rope which had a noose on one end and said, “Let’s go hang you.”
I said, “Okay.” I love these super-detailed scene negotiations we have.

We’ve done various forms of breath play before, and I knew she wasn’t talking about doing the real thing with full body weight. She threw the noose up over a tall suspension rack and then stood on the opposite side of the noose so the noose was in between us. She had a deliciously evil smile as I looked through the noose and she told me to step through it. We took it slow, and she was constantly checking my eyes and having me squeeze her hand to make sure I was still very with it. Then she told me to kneel, and we did it some more. She’d pull on the rope, but the frame that the rope was draped over was finished wood with normal square edges, so the rope didn’t slide real well. Still, it did slide enough for her to put some pressure on me. She also told me to lean into it or duck down some to add pressure at my own pace. (At one point she had me lean forward some, which put more pressure on through a slightly different angle. That pressed the carotids and made me slightly lightheaded, which I don’t really care for.) Being on my knees and looking up at her pulling the other end of this rope was just delicious.

The rope was soft, so it didn’t leave any marks on my neck. Thankfully, since I have one of those newfangled “job” things. We didn’t go very far with this since it was our first time doing it. I imagine it would be even hotter with my hands bound or cuffed behind me. (Everything is tastier with bondage.) Definitely an interesting experience that I’d like to repeat at some point.

“What did you do this weekend?”
“I got duct-taped to a wall and then hung. What did you do?”

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