Kinkifying Cupcakes

Last night, Gypsi and I got together.

(fast-forwarding to the kinky stuff since this is a bdsm blog)

When we were playing, she tied my wrists behind me and had me kneel in front of the couch. She then went to the bathroom and returned shortly after with a small yellow bowl. In it was a cupcake, also with yellow frosting. (I think you know where this is going.) Unlike regular mere mortal cupcakes, this one was garnished; it was in the middle of the bowl, surrounded by her piss. The piss reached about halfway up the cupcake. Gypsi sat down on the couch and proceeded to feed it to me, bite by bite, with a spoon.

The frosting, strangely enough, seemed to repel her piss. I think they make all cupcake frosting with a titanium alloy or something. This frosting would outlive polystyrene foam in landfills. But the cake part……eew. It soaked up her piss like a sponge. Bite after bite, she kept making me eat the piss-soaked cupcake. I thought it would never end. Almost every spoonful made me shudder. She’d occasionally let out an incredibly sexy sadistic laugh (which I adore.) After the cupcake was gone, she then fed me the rest of the piss remaining in the bowl.

We’re just over one month into this current denial. This is the longest we’ve ever gone. And there’s still a long way to go. After last night, I’m getting hard randomly, even if I’m not thinking about anything kinky or sexy. This longer lockup seems to be adding to the d/s between us. Not because of the chastity itself making me more submissive or her more dominant, but probably just because she has the power to do this. Her having that level of power and control gives her a bigger sword. And when she holds that sword to my throat, damn that’s sexy.

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