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Some miscellaneous miscellany of miscellaneousness:

This coming Sunday will be two months since Gypsi allowed me my last orgasm. I never thought I’d say that. It’s kind of surreal. The horniness is coming in waves now. A strong wave started last night and hasn’t let up. I’ve been clawing at the cage and attempting to fuck my hands even though I know it won’t do any good.

Unfortunately, she’ll be out of state for the next few days, so the two-month kinkathon will have to wait until Tuesday.

We’ve been getting together once a week to play (we live an hour apart) which is helping tremendously. Before, we didn’t have anything regularly scheduled like that, so that made things more difficult. Being locked up and unable to see each other was tough, and it also effectively diminished any progress we made with the t&d. This time around, it’s much better.

Last Saturday at the local dungeon, she caned me. Hard. Normally, any marks she gives me, no matter how heavy they are at the time, are gone within a day. This time, the marks lasted two days, as did some pain when I sat down. That’s extremely rare since I apparently have a magically regenerating ass. She gave me a rather brutal beating, and while I reeeeally wanted her to stop, it was incredibly hot. Afterward, some of the other subs there were asking me how I took that much, and one of them even said she wanted to come over and pat me on the head during the scene.

We’ve been adding to the arsenal, tossing back and forth ideas for new things to do. We’ve talked about new (to us) forms of humiliation, piss play, d/s, breath play, and bondage, among others. We’ve been trying quite a few new things (see my posts from the past few months for examples.) We’ve also been talking about trying lots of other things, but I’m not sure when any of that will be. This adds to the anticipation. I don’t know when she’ll strike, so all I can do is wait.

And while I’m waiting, my mind sometimes races. I think about what we’ve talked about doing and what we’ve done in the past. Certain scenes we’ve done keep jumping into my head and firmly lodging themselves there, as do thoughts of these newer forms of play with her. This is likely to get even more frustrating.

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