Not the Way We Planned

A couple weeks ago, Gypsi let me out of the cock cage, which was completely unexpected.  She did this because of something else that happened recently, but I won’t go into that because it’s not my story to tell.  There’s also a lot of chaos and craziness in the local community right now, but it’ll settle eventually. There’s just too much going on (on multiple fronts) for us to be able to keep the t&d fires burning right now, so it was best to unlock me.

While this period of chastity didn’t end the way we thought it would, it was still a good run.  Two and a half months is by far the longest she’s ever denied my orgasms.  That was a wild ride.  It provided an opportunity to see how we’d react mentally and emotionally to that long of a denial.  This was also a chance to see how my piercings would do under long-term lockup.  I’ve had minor issues with irritation in the past, but I was using q-tips for cleaning back then; now, I have a cleaning kit that really helps.  No problems with that at all this time around.  The cleaning kit is a winner.

So for now, we’ll keep dealing with the highs and lows that life brings.

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