Dungeon Dumbness

We recently lost our local dungeon.  The owners of the business were renting the space from someone, and he’d been continually giving them trouble.  He constantly raised the rent, then padlocked the door when they were a day or two late with the rent just once.  Eventually the decision was made to get out of there, which many people had been urging them to do for months.  So right now most of the equipment and furniture is in storage until we find a new place.

It’s amazing how valuable a resource the local dungeon is, and I don’t think many people realized that until it disappeared.  We had monthly workshops there, as well as parties, meetings, and special events.  It was the hub of our community.

We still have the munches and private parties, and people have been organizing various social events and outings.  Attendance at munches has also increased since the closing of the dungeon.  People just want a place to go.

The people who ran the dungeon before are stepping down.  It’s a welcome respite from the stress for them.  They’ve mentioned donating or renting out the equipment to whoever runs the new dungeon.  At first, Gypsi was among the group of people who were going to run the dungeon when a new place was found.  Thankfully, she pulled out of that.  She already runs a large munch group and has a busy social life, so all that extra commitment and stress wasn’t something she needed.  I’m very glad she made that decision.

The group of people who will be running the new dungeon have been looking at various buildings, so it’s not yet clear where our new home will be.  The legal aspects may delay things a little- zoning, laws, fire codes, etc.  But we will have a dungeon again.

Knife Play Makes Me Grr.

I’ve done some knife play in the past, and it was fun.  She didn’t cut me; she dragged the knife across my skin with varying amounts of force.  It was a good addition to the scene every time, but it didn’t give me the massive chills or fear that others get from knife play.

The reason is that for me to do knife play with someone, I need to trust her.  I won’t put myself in that situation with someone I know isn’t worthy of that level of trust.  But if I do trust her on that level, then I know she won’t do any damage or go too far with it.  I’ve been tied down, with a knife to my throat or my cock, but I knew she wasn’t going to un-penis me or slit my throat.  So there is no fear there, only trust. If she did damage me in some way (or did a mindfuck to make me think she was damaging me) I’d be very unlikely to ever put myself in that situation with her again.

Knives are sexy, as is the power that comes with them.  Still, the appeal of knife play for many people is the fear aspect.  And that fear just isn’t there for me with someone I trust.  But that’s okay- there are plenty of other nasty, painful, disgusting, humiliating things that can be done in bdsm.