This Post Has a Title.

I’ll be going to a munch with a friend in about a week.  It’s a few hours away, but it should be a fun time.  It’s a femdom group which was recently formed.  They’ve only had a few munches and a party or two so far.  I’m looking forward to that. Although it just started up, it seems to have strong attendance so far.  Plenty of people in this group will be at COPE as well, so I’ll know more people there this time.

The local dungeon situation is slowly progressing.  The equipment is still in storage, but things are coming together.  The legal stuff is taking the longest; there’s a lot more involved with this than any of us expected.  But when things finally materialize, it’ll be well worth it.  When we had a dungeon here, it was the hub of the bdsm community.  Having that back will feel great.  Though since the demise of the last dungeon, all the munches and more vanilla outings have seen a spike in attendance, so that’s a plus.

I think I’m finally settling into being single.  I’ve been dating, playing, and living my life without any restrictions or obligations.  A relationship would be welcome, but I’m not looking too hard.  If it happens, it happens.  I’m not trying to force anything, just enjoying it as it comes.

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