Coffee and Ballbusting

I was talking with a friend the other night, and she mentioned that she’d like to have a femdom group in our local community.  I’d talked with someone else about this a few years back, but back then there weren’t enough people into femdom to sustain a group.  Currently, there are.  So we’re taking some steps to make that happen.

There are a couple options here.  The first is to open a chapter of a national femdom organization (or it may be worldwide, I’m not sure) but that would entail following certain rules that not everyone agrees with.  The other option is a more home-grown group tailored to our community.  We’re leaning strongly towards the latter.

There is a chapter of this femdom group in a city a few hours away, and I’ve been to a couple of their events.  I intend to go back periodically.  Wonderful people and a great time, but our city is a different creature.  Here, our bdsm community is very low-protocol and laid back.  Some of the rules of this organization were off-putting to those I’ve talked with here, and quite a few said they wouldn’t attend a group with these rules in place.

If a chapter of this group were opened here, we’d have to conform to those rules.  Conversely, if we started our own group, tailored to us, it would be the group conforming to the people rather than the people conforming to the group.

At this point, we’re aiming for coffee and a topic.  There are enough munches in the area, so we wanted to stay away from that.  So it’ll probably just be casual meetings where we can discuss whatever femdommery we like.  We’ve got a short list of topics, and there are plenty more if we dig a little.

One problem with starting this group is that I don’t want our community to be flooded with single horny guys.  When I posted in some local groups to gauge interest, quite a few single guys who aren’t currently involved in the scene at all posted, saying they’re interested.  I’m not worried about their behavior; creepers are relatively easy to deal with.  It’s sheer numbers that I’m worried about.  If we’re overrun with single male subs, that will most likely drive everyone else away.  I’ve seen that play out in other cities.  Women often feel stalked or pounced on in groups that are predominantly male subs.  One person suggested limiting the subs to invitation-only members.  That would probably lead to drama and cliqueishness though.

We’re going to start this group and see how it goes.  It’ll all be on the fly.  A few of us have been in the community long enough to have witnessed previous drama and infighting, so with any luck we can steer things away from that direction.