A New Category

In talking with some friends, I mentioned how sometimes limits can change over the years.  Things that were limits can become doable, and things that were done previously can become limits.

We got to talking about specific examples, and I mentioned cum play.  I’d been made to eat my own cum plenty of times before, but never anyone else’s.  The latter was always a limit for me.  Eating my own is hard enough.  Bleh.

I have yet to meet a man I find attractive, and playing (especially intimately) with people I’m not attracted to is still a limit, so forced bi is out.  Certain things have been popping into my head periodically though in regard to cum play.  The one that jumps into my head the most is being made to lick the cum (from one guy or especially multiple guys) from the domme’s soles and toes.  The idea of doing it while locked up is even more intense.  The idea completely petrifies me.  But it also petrifies my cock.

It’d take a pretty strong amount of d/s between myself and the domme to make this happen; if this were to happen, I’d want nothing more at that moment than to get out, get away.  I also know I’d look back on it later and have some incredibly powerful orgasms thinking about it.  That yes/no dichotomy again. There’s also the humiliation factor, and the knowledge that I’d be licking up cum without even getting the pleasure of the orgasm that created it.

Obviously we’d have to be sure the guys are clean if we were to do this.  It’s sort of a mild back-burner curiosity for me, not an up-front I-really-need-to-do-this-right-now kind of thing, so it’s not something I’m pushing for. It is something different for me though, and that evolution is worth writing about.

But someone I’ve been seeing recently used the phrase “when we do this…”


And she’s been keeping my cock in a cage since not long after we first started seeing each other.  That one word, “when”, makes me incredibly nervous, almost terrified.  I know she’s not bluffing either.  Eep.

So in this conversation about limits, we realized I’m not interested in the guys in any way, just in their cum.  They’d be sperm donors.  This means that I’m not bi-curious; I’m byproduct-curious.

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