Dominating the Mouth

There are lots of forms of play I’m into- pain, humiliation, bondage, etc., but one form always defied easy description.  For a while I was going with “erotically disgusting”, although the more I think about it, “dominating the mouth” is more apt.

We guard our mouths closely.  They’re important to us.  They’re valuable.  We watch what goes into them and what comes near them.  We flinch when someone makes a sudden move toward them.  What better target for dominance than something so valuable and guarded?

There’s a certain humiliation edge with some forms of mouthular dominance.  Being made to drink the domme’s piss (bleh) or lick her ass certainly qualifies.  Even letting spit fall into the sub’s mouth can have a bit of humiliation to it since spitting has derogatory connotations associated with it.  Having to kneel and suck the domme’s strap-on cock can have a humiliating edge to it as well.

Taste and smell are closely related, and other forms of mouthitudinal dominance focus more on these senses.  Having to kneel and lick the domme’s feet after she’s been working or wearing boots all day is one of the more erotic forms of dominating the mouth.  For me, it definitely creates that yes/no dichotomy so prevalent in bdsm, and it’s one of the biggest things that can drive me up a wall.  Taking the domme’s socks that she’s been wearing all day and using them as a gag has a similar effect.

Gags in general are a common way to dominate the mouth, whether it’s a store-bought gag or a pair of panties or socks.  Taking away the ability to speak can be powerful.  Moaning (or even screaming) into a gag drives home the helplessness the sub often feels when being pushed hard.

Cum play crosses a few of these lines; it’s both humiliating and not real pleasant to eat.  The taste and texture are just plain nasty to me.  This gives it more of a d/s edge when I’m made to do it, since it’s not really something I want to do at the moment.  T has been occasionally taunting me about how she intends to make me eat other guys’ cum while keeping me locked up.  And the way she’s phrasing it, there is no room for discussion here.  It will happen.  I’m already shaking inside.  It’s not something I really want to do, but it’s also not a limit (as long as the guys are clean) and I can see the potential for it being a hot experience.  And I’m pretty sure something like this would deepen the d/s between us.  Very intense dominance of the mouth here that also reaches into the rest of my being.

There are a couple forms of mouth play that I’m mildly curious about.  One is something I heard about at an event a few months ago.  A group of dommes tied the sub down.  They then chewed some food fairly thoroughly, spit it into his mouth, and made him eat it.  It sounds kind of nasty.  The other one I’m slightly curious about is armpit licking.  I have to wonder if it’d have a similar vibe to doing foot play, though honestly I doubt it.  Then there’s the problem of deodorant- it’s not made to be ingested, so it’d have to be skipped.

All these things can have a fairly high level of intimacy about them depending on how they’re done.  Personally I think it’s a beautiful way of playing and expanding the d/s.

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