T gave me a gift recently, a flogger custom-made by someone local.



This thing looks wicked.  I’m really happy with the workmanship; it’s high-quality, not some toy flogger.  It is a little long, so it may have a bit of a learning curve to it.  T got her inspiration for this at a local bdsm store we went to a while back.  There was a flogger there with studs on each tail, but they were glued on, and the quality was lacking overall.  It seemed like a wicked thing to have in the arsenal, so she had a better one made.  With this flogger, the studs are double-ended and screwed through each tail.  It’s intimidating.  She had a huge, predatory smile on her face and a sparkle in her voice when she said she intends to beat me bloody with it.  I love how she shows so much delight in torturing me.  I’m screwed.

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