Semi-Consensual Consensual Nonconsent of the Consensual Variety

Consensual nonconsent worries me.  At the same time, I find it intriguing.  For those not familiar, it’s agreeing to temporarily forgo your safeword and be pushed past that point for a particular scene or activity.  You’re agreeing that when you call an end to it, they don’t have to stop.

It’s scary, for obvious reasons.  Something like this would be pretty far on the intense end of the spectrum.  I know it would suck and be horrible and I’d really really really really really really really really want it to stop, but the idea of doing this also has a certain draw to it.

The complete helplessness is a big part of it.  I wouldn’t be able to stop her if we were to do this.  At all.  There’s nothing I could do or say to end things.  I’d be totally at her mercy.

This would also likely be a bonding experience.  Going this far and making me so vulnerable wouldn’t be without effect.

Another huge factor for me is that T has mentioned wanting to do some consensual nonconsent.  I very much enjoy making her happy, even if it means suffering for her.  And this type of play is definitely suffering………at a rather brutal level.

Bondage and a gag would be absolutely required.  Either that or bondage and a house with all the windows closed.  But gags are a little easier to obtain than houses.  And gags fit in the toy case much better.  If I wasn’t bound, I’d just get up or physically stop the scene.  But with all my limbs restrained, this wouldn’t be an option. I could struggle and fight all I wanted, but it wouldn’t accomplish anything.

Consensual nonconsent can be done with impact, strap-on play, humiliation, and other forms of pervery.  I wouldn’t want to do this with ball-kicking or breath play since there’s the potential for something to go medically wrong.

When T and I first started seeing each other, she was worried about her relative lack of dominant/topping experience.  But there is still plenty of unexplored ground for both of us, as well as things that one of us has tried but the other hasn’t.  Consensual nonconsent is one area I haven’t tread upon yet.  It makes me happy to know that we can forge new trails together.

One Response to “Semi-Consensual Consensual Nonconsent of the Consensual Variety”

  1. Mykey Says:

    Hot but scary. I’ve often wanted to try this but doubt I could really go through with it.

    It could be bonding, but for me could tip me into anger and emotional distance if my partner went too far, and how would she know where that point is?

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