Caging and other forms of confinement intrigue me.  The appeal isn’t much different than bondage.  For many, being able to struggle to no avail yields a feeling of helplessness and being at the domme’s mercy.

This is definitely something I’m curious about exploring.  Something made for a medium-sized dog would work best; there would be just enough room to move a little bit, but it would be small enough to be pretty restrictive.  Whether it’s a cage or any other sort of container, at some point reality would set in.  I’m trapped.  Only she can let me out.  But she’s not.  Maybe I can kick my way out.  No, not enough room.  Push with everything I’ve got……nope.  Pull the lock off?  Nothing.  Completely at her mercy.  I’m really stuck.  She’s got me, and I can’t do a thing about it.

That sounds just plain tasty.

Cages do have problems not present with bondage: transport and storage.  Bondage gear doesn’t take up much space.  But where do you put a cage?  If you live in a small or medium apartment, your storage space is at a premium.  Keeping a cage in the living room, draped completely in fabric, might work.  It could be used as an end table.

T and I did some price shopping for a cage a few weeks ago.  They were about what I’d expected.  Ideally, I’d like to find the kind of cage that breaks down into individual panels so that it can be stored flat.  Slip it under the bed and it’s out of sight.

Plastic storage containers could be another option.  I’ve seen a few that I could fit into, though it’d be a tight fit.  This would also be a form of breath play unless we made air holes.  Putting me in there and sitting on top sounds like a hot idea, at least on paper.  But I could stay in a cage for much longer than in a small plastic box.  And I’d be able to see T as she gloats at my situation, which I absolutely adore.

There will hopefully be a cage in my future.  The appeal is too strong not to explore.

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