Yesterday, T made me eat my cum three different times throughout the day.  I’ve been made to do this before, but it doesn’t get any easier.  What surprised me is that something has been stuck in my head since then.

I mentioned a while back that I had a mild curiosity about being made to eat other men’s cum from T’s soles or pussy, or even snowballing it.  This has been sort of a back-burner curiosity, not something I’ve been actively pursuing.  But after eating cum three times yesterday, I’m having second thoughts.  I’d forgotten just how nasty cum is to eat.

A small part of me hopes that she’ll just move on from the idea and not go through with it.  But realistically, I know that isn’t likely to happen.  She’s been occasionally reminding me  that she wants to do this, and she’ll sometimes drop hints that it’ll be worse than I’m expecting.  She’s stopping just short of taunting me about it.  A few times, she’s intimated that she intends to have multiple guys’ loads involved at some point.  I had trouble with three yesterday, so I don’t know how I’d handle something like that.  The reality of this idea is really hitting home, and I think I’m starting to panic a little.

This is turning into much more of a d/s situation than I expected.  It’s going to take a lot of effort on my part to make this work if she decides to do it.

4 Responses to “Reconsidering”

  1. Tom Allen Says:

    When I was a younger and singler guy, I had a gf who enjoyed experimenting as much as I did. Once, she went down on me, teasing me along for a while until I finally came very hard. She then came up for a kiss, and, grabbing the back of my head so I couldn’t pull away, she snowballed me. At the time I didn’t like it, and she never did it again. But human nature being so perverse, I later began to think about it, and eventually found that I could kink on the idea.

    I find it amusing that you now have a similar thing going on, although at the moment it’s a “do not want” for you.

  2. pureliquidkink Says:

    That is very hot! And I can very much see looking back on it later in a different light.

    This is similar for me- I have a feeling that if we do this (she keeps saying “when” we do this) that I’ll hate it at the time but look back on it later and think of how sexy it was. My mind has been going back and forth on this idea. I can imagine that it’d have a strong erotic vibe as well as a heavy d/s aspect, but at the same time……eeeeeew. There’s a part of me that really doesn’t want to do this, and I think that only makes her want to do it even more.

  3. T Says:

    You’re right, that does make me want to do it more. 😉

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