Fresh Sliced Sub, $4.99/lb.

Last night, T and I went to a demo which was followed by a private party.  There were quite a few people I hadn’t seen in a while, so that felt wonderful.  And there was cake.  Fantastic, creamy, strawberry-and-chocolate cake.

T took me to the dungeon area and had me strip.  She was admittedly feeling more sadistic than normal, and it showed.  Lots of ball-kicking, face slapping, ball-kicking, biting, ball-kicking, scratching, and ball-kicking.  Ow.  It was a bit warm in the dungeon though, and I can’t take as much pain in the heat for some reason.  It’s always been that way.  Still, she made me hurt.  And she carved me up quite nicely using knives and her fingernails:

Afterward, she brought me over to a spanking bench and caned me, followed by paddling.  She reddened my ass rather thoroughly. This morning, I noticed a semi-faint yellowish bruise over my left eye.  I could tell people I got in a barfight if anyone asks, though I really doubt anyone will notice.  Or simply say it was friendly fire.

We got quite a few compliments on the scene, and some people were irritated that they missed it.  That’s always a wonderful compliment.

2 Responses to “Fresh Sliced Sub, $4.99/lb.”

  1. Ranai Says:

    Very lovely pictures, Roo-roo. Thank you!

    I can’t take as much pain in the heat for some reason. It’s always been that way.
    Heh. With us it’s the opposite thing, taking pain is difficult if he’s not warm enough.

    Do T and you experience different feelings when playing in public than playing at home? Or is it emotionally mostly the same thing for you both, only there’s different equipment available?

  2. pureliquidkink Says:

    Thank you 🙂

    In public, it’s different. She’s an exhibitionist, so she enjoys both ways equally. I strongly prefer private play though. I feel more free to let myself go, to react without worrying about disturbing those nearby. It’s also a major plus not having to worry about cleaning and vacating the equipment immediately afterward.

    I don’t have any body issues or anything, so public nudity isn’t an issue for me. Still, it can feel a little weird sometimes, baring my vulnerability in front of a crowd. Because of this, I feel more of a connection with her during private play; there’s nothing to distract.

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