Dommes frequently complain (justly so) about the number of poorly-written solicitous messages they get from submissive men.  This can be especially irritating when she clearly states on her profile that she is in a relationship and not looking.  But often those who are single and looking complain about the quality of men who write to them.  If you’re approached by 100 men every week and can’t find a single suitable sub, do you think maybe there’s a problem with your technique?

Many dommes take a passive role in finding someone; they expect subs to approach them, then they use their own criteria to filter out those who aren’t a good match.  Yet the subs they’re really interested in don’t approach them.  Our hypothetical domme sees the elusive quality sub from afar, hoping that he’ll notice her.  And he doesn’t.  So it’s back to complaining.

If you sit back and don’t make a move, the object of your desire will slip away.  If you see someone you want to get to know better, yet you don’t make any effort to make that happen, it’s your own fault.  (This is true for most goals in life, but especially so for relationships.)  If your competition is taking a more active, aggressive approach and you’re not, you’re likely to lose out.

2 Responses to “Passivity”

  1. Quietlisten Says:

    Roo-Roo, don’t be ridiculous. First of all, women waiting to be approached by men is traditional. You don’t see women breaking barriers willy-nilly, like voting, wearing pants, or developing successful careers in their own right, do you? That would be crazy. Gender roles are simply not to be questioned.

    Besides, for anyone who dares to even mention such an insane idea, there are elite paramilitary units all over the country who will — upon a woman’s first attempt to contact a man who didn’t contact her first — kick in her door, dash water on her cat, mix up her many pairs of shoes, and remove the labels from all of her canned goods. On the way out, they will stamp the letter “I” for Initiator on her forehead so that no human — man or woman — will ever speak with her again. On a slow afternoon they may do the same to men who mention the wrong ideas. (Except the mixing up the shoes part would take a lot less time.)

    I hope you have learned something here, Roo-Roo. Your utter silliness is mind boggling. Passive complaining is absolutely the right answer, particularly for a woman who claims to be “Dominant.” I mean, how else is she going to demonstrate her power and control except to sit on the sidelines and take only what is offered to her?

    Hang on a second, there’s someone at my door…

  2. pureliquidkink Says:

    I almost spit lemonade on my monitor from laughing so hard. Well done!

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