A Bottle of Dread

T has been mentioning for a while now that she wants to condition me, Pavlov-style, to fear a specific brand of water bottles.  It started with a bdsm event we were at; it was the first time we’d done piss play.  She made me drink her piss from a plastic water bottle that she’d filled up in the bathroom a few minutes earlier.  Afterward, we joked that every time I saw that brand of water somewhere, I’d cower in fear.  But then her eyes lit up, and I saw her tucking away an idea in her head for later.

It’s later.  When we were out the other day, she bought a case of this brand of water.  A case.  24 bottles.  I never know when she’s going to spring it on me.  She could come at me with a bottle of her piss at any time.  We could be playing, or we could be out with friends, on a date, or just sitting at home. Her enjoyment is inversely proportional to mine- The more I squirm and gag, the more she smiles and enjoys it.

Currently, whenever I see this brand of water, I just chuckle to myself.  But she wants to induce real fear in me whenever I see it.  Not a phobia or anything debilitating, but a genuine fear response.  It’s something I’d rather not go through with, but at the same time, I don’t see it as being harmful or detrimental to my life.  I trust her, and I do what she wants me to do.

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