A Weekend Full of Happy

This weekend was my birthday.  Well, technically my birthday was just one day, but I claimed the whole weekend.

And T claimed me.  One of her gifts to me was to collar me.  My reaction was a combination of stunned immobilization and the little kid in me jumping up and down screaming, “WOOOOOO-HOOOOOOO!!!”

It’s still sinking in.  Such a beautiful feeling.  She is now my Mistress.  We’d been wanting to take the d/s further, and now we are.  I am now her slave.

She told me shortly afterward that we’re also going to have a few protocols from now on.  Nothing major or irritating; it’s not protocol for the sake of protocol.  And they’re things we did pretty frequently already anyway.  I just need to remember to do them every time now.

This just feels right.

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4 Responses to “A Weekend Full of Happy”

  1. Sara Eileen Says:


  2. Ferns Says:

    Huge great big happy celebratory congratulations to you both!


  3. Quietlisten Says:

    Congratulations! Uncountable happy moments for both of you.

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