Apprehension (Now with More Cream Filling!)

Ever since T informed me that she’s going to make me eat someone else’s cum in a few months, that thought has been hanging over my head.  Completely intentional on her part, I’m sure.  We’ve talked about quite a few different methods of this, so I’m not sure which it’ll be.  All of this has been making me think more on the whole idea of cum play.

This was originally a tricky area for us.  We’ve since gotten it figured out.  We have a semi-open relationship.  We’re not poly, so there are no other relationships involved.  But we do each have a short list of people we can be intimate with.  The problem is that it hurts to watch her do anything, even kissing, with someone else.  So we agreed not to do anything like that in front of each other.  Pretty simple.

Enter the creampie.  Strangely enough, it would be different watching her fuck someone else, even if it were happening right over top of me, if it ended in her making me clean up the creampie.  Same goes for watching her go down on someone else; normally I’d have a problem with seeing that, but if she and I were to snowball the cum afterward, I could watch the entire thing.  I think it comes down to intent.  Normally, if she’s fucking someone else, she’s doing it for her pleasure.  But with a creampie or snowballing, it’d be something that’s done more for us as a couple.  It’d be just one part of our scene.  Or a very strange sort of threesome.  We would be the central focus, which changes the dynamic entirely.  She wouldn’t be fucking him just to fuck him; rather, she’d be fucking him in order to get her sadistic jollies in making me clean her up afterward.  The intent completely alters the vibe.

The idea of eating someone else’s cum out of her (or snowballing it with her) sort of horrifies me.  At the same time, when I’m at the edge of orgasm, it sounds like a really hot idea.  So I’m torn.  What makes it even more difficult is that T has said she wants to make this type of play a regular part of our repertoire; that makes me nervous.  My brain and cock keep arguing with each other……..”yes!”  “no!”  “yes!”  “no!”  “yes!”  “no!”


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