Push It. Push It Reeeal Good!

Individual growth and change is part of what we do.  Our interests/fetishes change over time and often become more intense.  Likewise, the collective interests of the bdsm community as a whole change over time.  I’ve seen certain forms of play become trendy and incredibly popular, only to later disappear from sight altogether or slowly fade into one small corner of the toybag.

Cell popping is one that was very popular locally a few years back, and it seemed there was a workshop on that every other month.  Everyone wanted to try it, and people who did it attained near celebrity status at parties.  Within six months, the fervor had dissipated; now, a few years later, half the people out there don’t even know what cell popping is.

Knife play and cutting took a similar path.  They were taboo for a long time when I first got involved in the community.  Only one or two couples did it, and they rarely talked about it since it squicked lots of people out.  But slowly it became more talk-about-able, and more people experimented.  There were demos.  Everyone wanted to try it.  Over time, interest waned.  Now, it’s just one more interest among many, and knife play doesn’t have legions of people who want to do it at every single party.

Breath play, watersports, and fire play went through similar rise-and-fall cycles.  Littles play and rough body play have recently exploded onto the scene locally.  Over half of these fetishes previously had a taboo status prior to their resurgence.  People tend to latch on to the newest flavor of play, especially if it’s edgy in nature. When so many people suddenly become aware of it and develop a curiosity or interest in it, this “new” form of play becomes very visible.  Everyone talks about it.  You see it everywhere at parties.  There are countless demos because there is demand for said demos.  Over the years, these things slowly slide out of view until they’re just one more tool in the repertoire.

This makes me wonder what other now-taboo forms of play might one day enjoy this surge of popularity.  Branding?  Gun play?  Making the sub eat other mens’ cum?  Scat?  Hook suspensions?  Food play/wet-and-messy?  Something else entirely?  There’s really no way to know.  There sometimes seems to be a competition among presenters at the larger events- Who can be more extreme and more shocking?

I do enjoy the fact that the community’s interests fluctuate rather than staying stagnant.  My own interests fluctuate and grow more intense, so when the community mirrors that action, it makes me feel like I’ll have a home here for years (or decades) to come.  The community can grow with me and teach me new things, just as I can help the community grow and learn.

I have a fetish for trying new things (which is why the perv list is a mile long.)  I also have a fetish for being pushed hard in every form of play I do; I relish that the bdsm crowd embraces and helps with that.

One Response to “Push It. Push It Reeeal Good!”

  1. Quietlisten Says:

    I agree with you about the rise and fall phenomenon. Wax play was on the way out when I was getting involved in the local community, and recently needle play surged in popularity. Rope is a culture all it’s own here, and it has its own subcultures that ebb and flow.
    My only worry, though, is that some of this feels as much like “BDSM tourism” as anything else. As “the scene” gets more popular and venues more full, there is more of a reality show vibe around. What shocking thing will get people to tune in this week? I think that the people who are deeply hard-wired for BDSM participate and learn, but they are adding to an existing (and sometimes expansive) repertoire, whereas the “tourists” are grabbing a thrill for the moment and being part of the crowd.
    It will be interesting to see how “the scene” evolves, what (and who) “sticks,” and whether the realm of what is acceptable changes over time.
    Thanks for the great post!

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