Crotchety Old-Guy Diatribe

The local community has become infested.  Infested with meaningless, empty titles.

Among other things, there’s a proliferation of women calling themselves sisters.  For years, that was a title only bestowed upon the closest of the close, the ones who were there through the difficult crap, the ones with whom a deep bond was shared, the ones who went above and beyond.  I can understand that.  But when people start calling each other sisters within a few days or weeks of meeting each other, that severely dilutes any meaning it may have once had.  It seems half the women locally are now listed as sisters of someone else.  They see their friends doing it and just have to jump on board themselves.  Many of the people involved haven’t even known each other more than six months.  That’s not nearly enough time to establish a solid, long-term relationship of that caliber in most cases.

Another one I see much more frequently is “under protection of” or “protecting”.  I can see this being necessary when someone brings a friend into the community and that friend doesn’t yet know their way around.  But when it’s just random friends listing “protecting” for all their other friends, it becomes so watered down that it loses any real significance.  You’re friends.  You do the things friends do for each other.  That doesn’t make you sisters, protectors, or anything other than friends.

While it hasn’t yet reached popular critical mass yet, “in a house” or “in a family” is on its way there as well.  This is popping up almost everywhere that there’s a poly relationship.  It strikes me as pretentious and self-aggrandizing.  If you have a genuine established family arrangement involving lots of people which has stood the test of time, that’s an accurate descriptor.  But if you’re a couple who recently found a hot younger woman to have threesomes with, you’re not a “house”.  Likewise if you’ve found a couple shlubs to clean your apartment while wearing French maid outfits while you berate them:  Again, that doesn’t make a house.  Even if you’re poly, you’re still just another poly couple who has a few other relationships;  being poly does not make you a house or any other kind of structure.

Get off my lawn, you damn kids.



2 Responses to “Crotchety Old-Guy Diatribe”

  1. Stabbity Says:

    It strikes me as pretentious and self-aggrandizing.

    Yep. As much as I like the idea of a close-knit chosen family, damned if I’ll ever call it the house of anything except as a joke. *Shakes cane and mutters grumpily*

  2. QuietListen Says:

    Right on, Brother! Oh, wait…

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