Stop Being Creepy!

For years, people have been telling me I should teach a class on how to be a non-creepy submissive man.  Since so many people have negative experiences with male subs (or at least with those who identify that way) it’s obviously a bit of a widespread problem.  Online and in person, a lot of women have been creepily hit on and made uncomfortable by men who identify as subs.

So I’m doing something about it.  I’m putting together a class on how to not be creepy.  Originally I’d been planning to teach this class at least a few months from now, but there was an opening that needed filled next week, so I volunteered.  It’s short notice to put a class together, but it’ll work.  A local group I help run is starting a basics/101 series of workshops, and this will be the inaugural class in that series.

I’m framing it up as a class on how to find a partner.  If I’d been blunt about it being a how-to-not-be-creepy class, no one would show up because no one thinks, “Hey, I’m creepy and I should change that!”  And really, not being creepy will increase one’s chances of finding a partner, so it’s not completely deceptive.

Here’s the write-up:

Have you been searching for that special someone but keep running into dead ends? Want to learn some tried and tested tricks for finding a relationship or play partner? Is the only thing that people are willing to hit you with a restraining order? Then come out and learn a few new techniques! You’ve seen those shiny happy couples in the movies, online, and at munches. Every relationship starts somewhere, and that “somewhere” for you can begin at this class! Join us Saturday, January 19th as Pittsburgh Bridge welcomes our very own roo-roo to discuss reaching out to people in person and online in a way that won’t earn you an (unwanted) face slap. We’ll cover not only how to avoid critical mistakes but how to polish up your presentation to stand out from the average kinkster.

I realize this will also attract many of the regular people from the community, so there will be some content there for them too.  But since it’s a 101-type class, I’ll be mostly sticking with the basics.  The fact is that there are a lot of people out there who could really use some tips on basic social interaction.  Or even a full-on crash course in some cases.  I’ll be happy if this class helps a few people learn to navigate those person-to-person interactions in a better way.

2 Responses to “Stop Being Creepy!”

  1. Stabbity Says:

    That is such an awesome idea! I wish more people would do classes like that.

    • pureliquidkink Says:

      Thank you! I’m really happy with the rsvp list right now- It looks like roughly 30-40% are people who aren’t currently involved in the community, so I should be able to reach my target audience. I was worried it would be all people who are already aware of these things and didn’t want to preach to the choir.

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