Heavy Metal

Not only my favorite flavor of music, but also the material of a new cock cage.

T got it for me a little while back.  It was made by a local friend from the community who does all sorts of metalworking, toymaking, and furniture-making.  He said it was such a pain to make that he’s never making another one.  Yay I have a one-of-a-kind piece!  He modeled the dimensions after my other (plastic) cock cage, which I let him borrow while he was making it.  We did a test-fit toward the end of the process, and it fit very well.

With the Curve (my other device that I’d been locked in prior to this) I was concerned about breaking the device.  If T would straddle my crotch and grind on me to tease me, I worried that it would crack and I’d get plastic shrapnel all through my cock.  Not exactly the type of blood play we enjoy.  One favorite memory is of me laying on my back, and T straddling my lap, grinding on the cage as she used a bullet vibe.  Then she brought her feet up to my face and had me lick and suck them while she got off.  Even with the copious sexitude of this, cracking the cage was in the back of my mind at times.  If she sat on my lap, I’d have to shift the cage a little to make sure her weight fell more on my thighs than on the cage.  This is no longer a concern with a metal cage.  She’s able to grind on me as much as she likes without any concern.  When I get super horny and frustrated, I sometimes claw at the cage, trying to get off.  I don’t have to hold back at all with this device for fear of breaking it.  It hits me hard when I can genuinely try as hard as I can to get off, but not be able to.  This is metal.  This is solid.

This new cage is much easier to put on.  It’s just two pieces- the cock ring portion and the cage.  It has bars going up the sides rather than being an enclosed tube-style device; this makes hygiene much easier.  We just need a little harmonica and a tin cup my cock can drag across the bars.  The other day I’m certain I heard a faint baritone voice singing, “Nobody knows… the trouble I’ve seen…

The only real problem we had was finding a lock to fit it.  The small luggage padlocks we used before don’t work- the shackle (the U-shaped part) is just a little too short.  But larger locks also have thicker shackles, and we need a fairly thin shackle to go through the hole.  The guy who made the cage eventually found a combination lock that fits, and that’s what T is currently using to keep my cock locked up.  We’re looking for a keyed lock though, especially since we both really enjoy her wearing the key around her neck.  For her it’s a constant reminder as well as a symbol to others, and I find it just another way of rubbing it in my face.  We’ll probably visit some locksmiths in the area to see if they have anything that fits.  When they inevitably ask what the device is, I’ll have to have something ready to tell them.  What that is, I’m not quite sure of yet.  I’m sure it’ll make an entertaining memory.

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