Searching for Something?

I rather enjoy the stats page.  It shows me a breakdown of the search terms used to find Pure Liquid Kink.  Here are some of the more recent terms that brought people here:


she makes his chastity and feminization permanent- Eep.  I’d much rather not.

disgustingfemdom party-That actually sounds kinda hot.  Kinda really hot.  Yes, please.  

femdom a myth-Yes, it is.  Female dominance does not exist.  You are imagining all of it.  

femdom munches pittsburgh-As of right now, there is only one- The Art of Female Dominance. “booty” anal-Booty anal is the best kind.

anal slime slurp-This also sounds rather hot, in a disgusting “eew make it stop” kind of way.  

femdom puppy puppet- This is putting a strange image in my head.

literocia nonconsent my screaming for those black to stop forcing them in her ass- Ummmmm… what?

sexysexy- I’m glad this blog is more than just sexy.  It’s sexysexy!  

man licking another man’s cum off her boots- Now you’re just trying to give me ideas.

guy licking her urethra- Hmm.  Why?  Human toilet paper is about the only explanation I can think of.  

secret “femdom society” for the benefit of women- Sorry, I can’t talk about that here.  It’s secret.  

pretty urethra- I can’t say I’ve ever given anyone this particular complement.  

toilet “no safeword”- Alright, this is starting to turn me on.  

fetish disembodied feet- And my boner leaves just as quickly as it arrived.  Chopped-off body parts do nothing for me.  At least in theory.  

bunch of flowers anal- They do make these newfangled things called “vases” now.  Try them.  You may find they work better than storing flowers in one’s rectum.

permanent chastity advocate- Me?  Nope.  Definitely not an advocate of that.  The idea rather scares the hell out of me.

gynarchy tube- This is so far out in left field that I don’t even have a weird mental image popping into my head.

super size urethra- Again… Why?!?

push good- Push it!  Push it reeeeeeal good!

cum , and other liquids in ears- You people are perverts.

urethra stuff- Now you’re just getting lazy.

femdom drowning and water- Again, sexy.  But what other liquid… oh.  Nevermind.

pittsburgh kink scene- Here ya go, Blinky McFloppyPants.  Enjoy.

mouthsoaping with dial bar femdom- That’s very brand-specific.  Strangely, also the brand I have in my bathroom.

blah blah femdom- First the urethra people got lazy, and now you too?

forced to eat cum off her shoes- Dammit stop putting hot ideas in my head!  I’m in chastity!

eat my cummy panties- Using cummy panties as a gag, I can see.  But actually ingesting them?  I can’t imagine that’d be great for the gastrointestinal tract.

phil femdom pics- Phil?  Who’s Phil?  And why does he have his pics up on my blog?  My blog, Phil!  Mine!

is richard simmons into bdsm- Frankly I’d rather not know.

grrr!- And you searched for this because…?

she holds cock cum in her mouth for later- Is she saving it for a snack later?  I imagine it’d be hard to go about one’s daily life with a mouthful of cum.

deodorant penetration ass- Somehow I doubt this would make the colon smell fresh and shiny.


Anal Wizardry

Last night I had a hand in my butt.

T had mentioned being curious about fisting me a while back, but that was the last she said on it.  I was mildly curious but never really pursued it or read up much on it.  While I’d seen (and participated  in) various vaginal fistings over the years, I’d never even seen anyone do anal fisting.  I’d heard it was possible, but it was so evasive it was like the sasquatch of the kink world.  Yesterday I saw a clip of a couple women fisting a man and sent it to T, saying, “It is possible!”  She responded by saying she was going to start my anal training that night.  (If I’m going to have a foot in my mouth, I’d prefer it not be my own.)

She started with some strap-on fuckery, with the larger of the two cocks.  This went on for a while, and then she flipped me on my back, looking at me face-to-face while she fucked me some more.  I thought that was as far as it’d go that night.  She had me edge myself on the bed afterward, then started to work her fingers in and out of me.  One more finger, and another… soon she had all five in.  I had to stop edging as it was just too overwhelming of an experience.  Minutes later, she had her whole hand in.  It was an intense sensation.  And it was shocking as I wasn’t expecting to be fisted that night.  Soon she was working her hand in and out, fucking me with her whole hand.  It was so intense that I started begging her to stop.  Soon after, I stopped being able to form words, instead spitting out random syllables.  But she kept going, a confident, predatory look in her eyes.  Her face was saying, “There’s nothing you can do to stop me.”  That was one of the hottest parts of the experience.

I’m really glad my first time was with her.  It’s amazing trying new things (and pushing old things further) with her.  I love that she has the ability to take me further than I want to go, to push past the point where I really want it to stop.  While I have a safeword (though jettisoning that is something worth exploring) she can still push me beyond where I’d normally want things to end.  And that is incredibly sexy.

Afterward, I expressed shock that she even fisted me at all; I was expecting to work up to that in the coming weeks or months.  She said, “I wasn’t expecting to either; it just kind of happened.”  Accidental fisting- apparently it exists.

Shedding Limits

During a conversation with T the other night, the topic of bisexuality came up.  She (and many others in the community) has been teasing me for years about how she wants to see me get fucked by or suck off another man.  In regard to me having sex with another man, she said, “Yeah, that’ll never happen.”  That made me think.  There are a lot of things in BDSM that once elicited the reaction of, “oh, hell no, never” from me.  And those are things I do now.  For example, drinking piss and getting fucked by a woman with a strap-on were once hard limits for me.  Over time, these things somehow morphed into things I’d be willing to do if pushed hard enough.  Often it happened slowly enough that I didn’t realize it, until one day I realized, “Hey, this isn’t a hard limit anymore.  I might be willing to do this for the right person if persuaded properly.”

More recently, eating another man’s cum was a limit.  But even this limit went away, and T made me do that at one point a while back.  That was not something I ever thought I’d do.  Yet it happened.  Even watching her fuck or suck another man and be made to clean up afterward is no longer a limit.  That’s huge for me.  I don’t know why these things can morph over time.  What’s more, I’m not sure if there’s a conscious way to change limits.  Even if there is, is it ethical to attempt to alter someone else’s limits?  I imagine that depends on the scope of d/s within the relationship.  (Note that there is a difference between trying to slowly change limits over the long term vs. just trampling those limits nonconsensually.)

In regard to my current hard limits, who knows what tomorrow will bring?  I’ve been surprised at the limits which have evaporated thus far, and I’m sure that any limits that disappear in the future will take me off guard as well.  I’m only a decade into the BDSM journey, and from what I’ve seen, we never stop learning, growing, and changing.

When it comes to bisexuality in particular, my issue is that I’m simply not attracted to anyone presenting as masculine, regardless of what’s in their pants.  I am, however, very attracted to femininity.  And parts are different than presentation.  So there may be a workaround there.  Even then, it’s not an experience I’m actively pursuing.  I could see this type of scene working to some extent, at least in theory.  I do reeeeeeeally get turned on by oral forms of dominance- foot worship, armpit licking, strap-on fellatio, cum eating, rimming, gags, mouth soaping (at least in theory) etc.  So that aspect of it at least has potential.

Erasing limits, from my experience, tends to run smoothly when it happens at its own pace.  Then again, I’ve never experienced pushing past limits by any means other than that (for example, using d/s to nudge it along) so I wouldn’t really know.