Anal Wizardry

Last night I had a hand in my butt.

T had mentioned being curious about fisting me a while back, but that was the last she said on it.  I was mildly curious but never really pursued it or read up much on it.  While I’d seen (and participated  in) various vaginal fistings over the years, I’d never even seen anyone do anal fisting.  I’d heard it was possible, but it was so evasive it was like the sasquatch of the kink world.  Yesterday I saw a clip of a couple women fisting a man and sent it to T, saying, “It is possible!”  She responded by saying she was going to start my anal training that night.  (If I’m going to have a foot in my mouth, I’d prefer it not be my own.)

She started with some strap-on fuckery, with the larger of the two cocks.  This went on for a while, and then she flipped me on my back, looking at me face-to-face while she fucked me some more.  I thought that was as far as it’d go that night.  She had me edge myself on the bed afterward, then started to work her fingers in and out of me.  One more finger, and another… soon she had all five in.  I had to stop edging as it was just too overwhelming of an experience.  Minutes later, she had her whole hand in.  It was an intense sensation.  And it was shocking as I wasn’t expecting to be fisted that night.  Soon she was working her hand in and out, fucking me with her whole hand.  It was so intense that I started begging her to stop.  Soon after, I stopped being able to form words, instead spitting out random syllables.  But she kept going, a confident, predatory look in her eyes.  Her face was saying, “There’s nothing you can do to stop me.”  That was one of the hottest parts of the experience.

I’m really glad my first time was with her.  It’s amazing trying new things (and pushing old things further) with her.  I love that she has the ability to take me further than I want to go, to push past the point where I really want it to stop.  While I have a safeword (though jettisoning that is something worth exploring) she can still push me beyond where I’d normally want things to end.  And that is incredibly sexy.

Afterward, I expressed shock that she even fisted me at all; I was expecting to work up to that in the coming weeks or months.  She said, “I wasn’t expecting to either; it just kind of happened.”  Accidental fisting- apparently it exists.

One Response to “Anal Wizardry”

  1. m Says:

    ” Accidental fisting- apparently it exists.”
    yes, it does, i happened to do that accidental fisting to a guy myself…. hadn’t done it before, although i had watched it several times. but we were both rather surprised, how well it worked 😉
    glad you had fun 🙂 it was one of my most intense experiences ever (and i was the active part – the “fister”)

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