Searching for Something?

I rather enjoy the stats page.  It shows me a breakdown of the search terms used to find Pure Liquid Kink.  Here are some of the more recent terms that brought people here:


she makes his chastity and feminization permanent- Eep.  I’d much rather not.

disgustingfemdom party-That actually sounds kinda hot.  Kinda really hot.  Yes, please.  

femdom a myth-Yes, it is.  Female dominance does not exist.  You are imagining all of it.  

femdom munches pittsburgh-As of right now, there is only one- The Art of Female Dominance. “booty” anal-Booty anal is the best kind.

anal slime slurp-This also sounds rather hot, in a disgusting “eew make it stop” kind of way.  

femdom puppy puppet- This is putting a strange image in my head.

literocia nonconsent my screaming for those black to stop forcing them in her ass- Ummmmm… what?

sexysexy- I’m glad this blog is more than just sexy.  It’s sexysexy!  

man licking another man’s cum off her boots- Now you’re just trying to give me ideas.

guy licking her urethra- Hmm.  Why?  Human toilet paper is about the only explanation I can think of.  

secret “femdom society” for the benefit of women- Sorry, I can’t talk about that here.  It’s secret.  

pretty urethra- I can’t say I’ve ever given anyone this particular complement.  

toilet “no safeword”- Alright, this is starting to turn me on.  

fetish disembodied feet- And my boner leaves just as quickly as it arrived.  Chopped-off body parts do nothing for me.  At least in theory.  

bunch of flowers anal- They do make these newfangled things called “vases” now.  Try them.  You may find they work better than storing flowers in one’s rectum.

permanent chastity advocate- Me?  Nope.  Definitely not an advocate of that.  The idea rather scares the hell out of me.

gynarchy tube- This is so far out in left field that I don’t even have a weird mental image popping into my head.

super size urethra- Again… Why?!?

push good- Push it!  Push it reeeeeeal good!

cum , and other liquids in ears- You people are perverts.

urethra stuff- Now you’re just getting lazy.

femdom drowning and water- Again, sexy.  But what other liquid… oh.  Nevermind.

pittsburgh kink scene- Here ya go, Blinky McFloppyPants.  Enjoy.

mouthsoaping with dial bar femdom- That’s very brand-specific.  Strangely, also the brand I have in my bathroom.

blah blah femdom- First the urethra people got lazy, and now you too?

forced to eat cum off her shoes- Dammit stop putting hot ideas in my head!  I’m in chastity!

eat my cummy panties- Using cummy panties as a gag, I can see.  But actually ingesting them?  I can’t imagine that’d be great for the gastrointestinal tract.

phil femdom pics- Phil?  Who’s Phil?  And why does he have his pics up on my blog?  My blog, Phil!  Mine!

is richard simmons into bdsm- Frankly I’d rather not know.

grrr!- And you searched for this because…?

she holds cock cum in her mouth for later- Is she saving it for a snack later?  I imagine it’d be hard to go about one’s daily life with a mouthful of cum.

deodorant penetration ass- Somehow I doubt this would make the colon smell fresh and shiny.


3 Responses to “Searching for Something?”

  1. T Says:

    anal slime slurp-This also sounds rather hot, in a disgusting “eew make it stop” kind of way.

    We can make this happen.

    mouthsoaping with dial bar femdom- That’s very brand-specific. Strangely, also the brand I have in my bathroom.

    Oh good, another thing we can make happen.

  2. pureliquidkink Says:

    It’s amazing that you can make my stomach jump into my throat with so few words.

  3. Brugmansia Says:

    Contemplating if it’s just a coincidence that T uses dial, or if she’s been doing some online searches lately…

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