Humiliation is Bad, M’kay?

I frequently see people online complaining that all practitioners of feminization (as a form of humiliation play) are misogynistic assholes.  While this is flat-out wrong (especially in assuming that all who share a fetish also share a hive mentality) I’ve already covered my thoughts on why this is. I’m not going to beat that into the ground.  The short answer is that some are, some aren’t.

What I find strange is these same peoples’ silence over something very similar, especially since they’re normally so outraged about feminization as humiliation.

One very common form of verbal humiliation is to call the bottom things like “slut” or “whore”.  This is much more common among female bottoms.  It’s essentially slut-shaming as a kink.  Why do they consider this ok but not feminization?  If people get off on being shamed for being/appearing “X”, then according to the anti-feminization peoples’ logic, they must feel that “X” itself is shameful and bad.  Personally I’d much rather delve into each person’s reasons for getting off on these things before passing judgement, but for those who like to lump everyone of one group into a category, where is the outrage?

In my opinion, many of them are simply playing with the shame society thrusts upon promiscuous women.  So if that’s easy to understand, why is doing the exact same thing with feminization an issue?  Society also thrusts shame on men who dress as women.  How is that any different?  It’s playing with society’s assbaggery and making something sexy out of it.

Likewise, what about those into small-cock humiliation?  Do they really feel that everyone with a small dick is worthy of ridicule?  Or is it simply something that pushes these peoples’ buttons?  I tend to go with the latter.  People can be erotically humiliated by a lot of different things, but it doesn’t mean that they’re against people who possess whatever particular quality they’re playing with.

Can we please stop trying to group everyone into our own little boxes and assigning our own thought processes to them?  Most Muslims are not terrorists.  Most Christians are not of the Westboro Baptist variety.  Judge people as individuals rather than making your own assumptions about what motivates them and how they feel.

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