We All Wear Black Robes

We’re often told not to judge.  We’re told it’s a bad thing, that it’s hurtful, or that it’s uncivilized.  I’d like to offer another take on it.

What is judging other than forming an opinion?  We all do that.  Judging is simply deciding that you like or don’t like some particular aspect of something or someone.  We are constantly forming opinions of, and therefore judging, others.

It’s been said that the difference is that judging is forming that opinion without first having all the information on that person or their situation.  But when do we ever have all the information on someone else?  Everyone you ever meet will have myriad parts of their lives that you don’t know about.  Each person’s life is a very individual experience with innumerable factors contributing to that person’s experience and identity every minute of the day.  You are not privy to all these intricate details, so if you form any sort of opinion about anyone at all, you are judging.

So go on judging and forming opinions.  It’s part of life.  Just don’t be a dick about it.

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